A uniquely immersive experience to master your speaking, audience engagement and enrollment, while you build authority.

  • DISCOVER your authentic voice as a world-class speaker as you embark upon a body-mind-soul boot-camp experience
  • DEVELOP your unique speaking style; SPEAK and hone your stage presence and presentation skills in structured rehearsal sessions with rich feedback
  • Learn to craft and DELIVER your message unforgettably so you can transform your audiences forever 
  • UNLEASH the UNapologetic speaker in you; get the stage hours you need to BE READY FOR ANYTHING - Hosting, toasting, and speaking for any occasion.
  • Sell without selling! MASTER the art of audience engagement and enrollment and learn to convert your audiences into lifelong fans and ambassadors
  • LEVERAGE and NETWORK with a dynamically supportive SPEAKER’S COMMUNITY to exponentially increase authority and opportunity

Imagine, an opportunity to work on your speaking AND build authority - while on a cruise vacation!

One of the big problems speakers at all levels face is receiving objective, expert feedback. When you’re speaking to an audience - it’s already too late!  

You have ONE SHOT to make an impression.  

By far, the most common thing I hear from speakers is this:  

‘I’m already speaking, and I know what I offer as a speaker - Will you help me get more bookings?’

Here’s the deal....

If you don’t already have all the bookings you want, then, you aren’t actually as good as you think you are. Speakers, the good ones, get booked based on their performance, reputation, and referrals.  

What are people saying about you as a speaker? Does anyone even know you’re a speaker? What is your speaking brand?  

While there are many speaker coaches who offer blueprints and formulas with promises to make you a highly sought after speaker, few have the ability to give the expert feedback and actually develop YOU as a truly world-class speaker.  

Most speaker coaches are not speaker coaches at all… they are often entrepreneurs of some kind who’ve experienced some success speaking over their careers and have decided to monetize one of the hottest industries in the marketplace. It’s no secret - speaking is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build authority.

The truth is this:

• There are no formulas when it comes to world-class.  

• There are no blueprints to UNFORGETTABLE.  

• There IS only YOU.  

• I believe YOU are the blueprint - your experience, your unique voice - YOU are the key.  

My mission, passion, and obsession is to support people who are up to something BIG. People like you!

With immersive training, coaching, and mentorship that combines the best of performance, education, personal development and transformation, you will discover, develop, and begin to deliver like the world-class speaker you are meant to be - all while you enjoy a custom cruising experience with a community of trailblazing speakers who celebrate work-life balance.  

On the Speaker Experience at Sea you will enjoy delicious gourmet meals, world-class entertainment, relaxation by the pool and in the spa - the experience is designed to immerse you fully in cruising luxury. 

Before embarkation, we will work together 1:1 to discover, develop, and deliver your idea worth spreading. You will receive the support to take the stage in Bermuda as a word-class speaker!

I’ve created the Speaker Experience at Sea with you in mind - the thought leader, successful entrepreneur, author, or expert who has a desire to deliver their message unforgettably, so they can transform their audiences, FOREVER!  

You’re ready, NOW to be UNapologetic, UNforgettable, and UNstoppable!

Now accepting deposits! See you onboard Celebrity Cruise Line in May of 2018. 


Davide Di Giorgio has been a performer, theater producer, creator, educator and longtime audacious entrepreneur. He started as a composer and musical director and published a musical when he was only 19 years old. He went on to open his own award winning theatre production company where he produced family entertainment and immersive live events. Davide also spent nearly 10 years in the classroom - teaching music and performing arts. From dancing and singing ON the stage to creating, producing and designing, Davide is a real triple threat and then some.  

From working with speakers to achieve high audience to client conversions, entrepreneurs to maximize their personal brand equity through speaking experiences, to consulting with corporate clients to produce engaging workshops and events, Davide’s rich experience across multiple industries have made him an innovative leader and trailblazer.

He is a TEDx Speaker Coach, Founder of the Unapologetic Speakers' Membership Community, Co-Founder of the Global Thought Leaders Network, and Creator of the Speaker Experience at Sea. He takes an UNapologetic approach to speaker coaching that shatters the mold of following formulas and blueprints, and has made him the go-to creative expert for on-purpose thought leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to go from being unheard and uncertain to UNforgettable and UNstoppable speakers and leaders of their own tribes!  



Limited Space Available

A uniquely immersive experience to master your speaking, audience engagement and enrollment, while you build authority.


The most successful business owners, influencers, experts, authors, and speakers seek out constructive feedback. They don’t try to take the world on alone.  

Think about it - your favorite actors and singers all work with directors and producers who provide feedback, mentorship, and the challenge to become MORE.  

They seek out professional advice and get laser coaching behind closed doors...behind the curtain. They know the importance of getting support and mentorship from the right “who”.  

I’ve been the man behind the curtain for 25 years and it is my mission to support people like in discovering, developing, and delivering your message to the world!  

The world is waiting for you to show up and speak up!  

Do I need to be a speaker already?  

No. The Speaker Experience at Sea is designed for entrepreneurs, authors, and experts at any level of success. We all speak - all day long. This training and immersion is designed to develop YOU as a speaker who can deliver a message, content, and story, unforgettably.  

I’m already speaking and experiencing success - is this for me?  

Yes! If you’re speaking and even hosting your own events, this immersive experience will allow you to further discover and develop your speaking style and platform with personalized support and feedback. Remember, I don’t believe in blueprints or systems - I believe in YOU! My commitment is to give YOU the opportunity to grow and to step into your power as a truly world-class speaker who can transform audiences!


I absolutely LOVED working with Davide, as he helped me prepare my signature talk for a HUGE event for entrepreneurs. He took me through a step-by-step process to come up with an engaging and motivating presentation.  

When I made my offer at the end of my talk, over HALF of the room opted-in, and they couldn't wait to connect with me once I stepped off the stage…  

With Davide's guidance, my talk created a wonderful buzz around the audience and on social media, and I am already attracting more high-paying coaching clients because of it!  

Amy Yamada - Business Coach

I'm beyond impressed with what Davide brings to the table. He was able to work directly with our speakers for our Ultimate Stage Experience to prep them for their moments on stage, pulling out their main stories and points. And every single speaker/client gave such raving feedback. His attitude and energy is positive and inviting which, we absolutely adore.  

Davide brings a fresh perspective and grand expertise that helps you take your event to the next level. What he brings to the table helps catch the audience's attention, makes the points WOW the audience from the start, and flows more cleanly into the strategic points we want to make.  

Not only did he WOW our clients, he WOW'd us and I don't say that very often about anybody.  

I would recommend Davide to anyone at any level who wants to structure better events as well as speeches, both in creating material that excites and improves the quality of the delivery.  

Danielle Disree Gómez - Serious Take Productions

It was wonderful to have a thought partner for ideas, vetting concepts, and narrowing and talking about presentation flow. Davide’s gentleness and kindness came across along with how much he wanted me to succeed—more about my success than his.  

Davide's accessibility and encouragement was a big part of getting me outside of my head and into my heart.  

Call Davide! He will help you go from speech concept to dynamic presentation with compelling stage presence. He will help you tell the story you want to tell and teach you to entertain your audience.  

Theresa Ashby - Executive Consultant  

Davide is brilliant! I was invited to be a guest speaker at a live event and was extremely nervous about it. Since it was my first time on stage, I wanted it to be great. I was struggling with putting together my talk.  

In one conversation, Davide helped me create an easy structure for my talk and provided a highly effective introductory hook. The results: many people came up to me and told me that my talk was one of best at the event. Minling Chuang - Brand Strategist

Before working with Davide, I already had experience with public speaking. I was looking for a mentor to stretch me and help me deliver a talk that would bring out the best in me.  

Davide did that, and so much more! He got me out of my head and into my heart, which allowed me to speak from a place of true passion. Davide was supportive, committed, and truly cared about my message and myself.  

I cannot recommend him enough for anybody wanting to improve as a speaker!  

Jake Heilbrunn - Speaker, Author, TEDx Alumnus

Davide can help anyone to really stay in alignment with their message and vision while still being seen as an authority trust figure and someone worth buying from or following. He clearly cares about the mission of the speaker.  

Davide helped me go far beyond what I thought was possible, and he never made me doubt myself or my message. He always stayed congruent and supportive of it - which means so much to me.  

The unique gift of embracing each speaker’s uniqueness rather than form-fitting everyone to an outline allows Davide to create extraordinary results!  

Celeste Rains-Turk - Health Coach  

Davide helped me - a seasoned speaker - create a successful speech that converted!  

Davide changed my perspective on the way I create and give speeches.  

I would invest all this time doing the speech, preparing the speech, traveling...I would give the speech but I would never get any sales out of it.  

Even if you’re a seasoned speaker there’s something you could be doing better when it comes to optimizing your talk, increasing your conversion, and attracting more leads.  

Working with Davide is a very good investment!  

Scott Anderson - Cash Cow Farmer & Investor

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A uniquely immersive experience to master your speaking, engagement, and build authority!

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